Rick And Morty Pinball Machine

$7,800.00 $6,240.00

Condition: Mint
Year Released: 2020
Dimensions: 29″ W x 58″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
Lead Time: Available, ready to ship!


Rick And Morty Pinball Machine For Sale

Rick and Morty Pinball Machine For Sale – Blood Sucker Edition from Spooky Pinball is about as close to having a pinball machine re-create the fun and humor of watching an episode of Rick & Morty. The game is absolutely jam-packed with fantastic custom illustrations. Lots of visual references from all four seasons are scattered across the playfield. The audio-visual experience and the artwork pull the player into the show’s bizarre and twisted world like stepping through a portal into the pinball dimension!

Rick and Morty Pinball Machine is by far the best game from Spooky Pinball. The game has an excellent layout, new and refreshing with a touch of difficulty. Unique yet familiar in feel. Perfect placement of features and a nontraditional bottom that seems to work well. The shots are all smooth yet appropriately challenging. The animation clips are exciting and well-choreographed to match what is happening under the glass.


Players can enjoy two ramps, an anti-gravity device, a portal gun (and portal), and so much more. The game also features the familiar voices of Rick and Morty as you live out some familiar adventures. The game also had video clips and songs, which will truly immerse the player.

The custom cabinet art is fantastic, and Spooky has even improved their backbox lighting, so players can truly appreciate the art. This pin is truly interactive, and will no doubt become a valuable collector’s piece for Rick And Morty fans.

With only 750 games made, this might be a hard pin to locate. If you’re one of the few who bought the game, congrats! Spooky went all out with this machine, and it shows.


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