At  Pinball Machine Heaven we take great care in packaging and shipping our pinball machines to our customers. Below are the steps we take in making sure the product gets to you in a professional manner.

We also pickup machines and ship them to you at any location and at a reasonable price. We ship both new pinball machines and used pinball machines everyday.

We offer 3 types of delivery;
– Curbside Delivery for $400
– In-home Delivery for $720
– Delivery + Setup for $910
Please let us know which one you prefer so we can proceed.

New Machines

New pinball machines and video games will be shipped in the original manufactured box and secured to a pallet for shipment.

Pinballs machines ready to Ship
Used Machines

Used Pinball machines or video games are placed on pallets and then professional wrapped in cardboard to protect the cabinets of the machines from excessive damage. The machine is then banded to the pallet to secure it from movement while in transit.

In regards to Pinball Machines, the balls are taken out of the machine to prevent any damage the balls could cause while loose in the machines. All balls, keys power cords, leg bolts and manuals are placed in the coin box and zip tied inside the machine. The machine is now ready to be packaged for shipment.

Shipping Quotes

Shipping quotes vary from one carrier to another and range in price from local dock delivery to shipping to your door. For a quote, please provide us with which method of shipping you prefer, to a local dock nearest to you or door to door service and then provide us with your address and zip code and we will be happy to quote you the best possible shipping cost.

Our Preferred Carriers are:

  • Road Runner

  • Fedex

  • Watkins

  •                                                                                                                    EMS
  • Pilot Air

  • North American Van Lines

Forward Air

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes we ship internationally. We can ship to a terminal near you and cost varies from $400 to $650 depending on your location. This is a terminal pickup service, or they can deliver to business premises which have a loading dock. BUYER ALWAYS PREPAYS SHIPPING.

We can also provide door to door shipping. Moving the machine up or down stairs, which includes setup of the machine, and cutting off of the packing material. This service can be provided by either us or NW Logistics Inc. This service run from $400 to $920 depending upon your location.

Shipping method definitions:

Liftgate delivery (curbside delivery)

Liftgate deliveries arrive with the item(s) on a pallet. For pinball machines the legs will be taken off and the backbox folded down. The driver will drop the pallet to the ground with a liftgate and is not required to move it beyond that point. Frequently, they will assist in bringing the pallet into your garage, but not always.

In-home delivery

With in-home delivery two men will bring the item inside, anywhere on the main level of your home or business. They are required to unpack the item(s) if you request them to. They will not, however, do any required assembly on the machines. If in-home delivery is selected for a pinball machine, we will typically leave it on its legs so all you have to do is flip up the backbox and plug in the machine.

Delivery and setup

If you select the Delivery and Setup option, the items will be delivered anywhere inside your home or business and any light assembly work will be done for you. For example, on pinball machines they will install the legs for you but they will not install balls, adjust settings, etc. The typical delivery will include two men, but more can be added if required.

How long does shipping take? 

And it takes approximately 1- 5 days Max for items ordered to be delivered at clients designated address locally and internationally respectively.

In general, items can take from a few days to a few weeks to deliver. New items that are in stock can typically ship right way, while refurbished items may need to be cleaned and tested before they are ready to ship. For the best estimate of shipping times for a specific item, please call and speak with a representative. Expedited delivery may be available.

Will I be charged for taxes?

  • All items are tax free within the EU Zone.

  • Tax applies only to sales out of the EU Zone.

What forms of payments do you accept? 
  • At Pinball Machine Center, we accept payments via; Cash, Zelle Pay, Swift Bank transfers, Canada eTransfers and money orders.               

  •  What are your warranty terms & conditions?


  • We promise not to knowingly allow the use of your personal information we keep on record to be used by a third party for any purpose.

  • We may from time to time update you via email of products or happenings at The Pinball Machine center

  • that you may be interested in. Naturally you will have the option to activate or de-activate this feature within the email if you choose. 

  • SHIPPING We are happy to assist in shipping your game, but we will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur once your item is in the hands of the shipping company. For more information on any of our services please 

  • Click Here to contact 

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